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Experiencing Dental Pain & Discomfort

When eating food? Or drinking something hot or too cold? This is normal for a person experiencing a dental fracture or fractured teeth and that is not something to ignore nor something to feel uncomfortable.


There are many reasons why a person could experience this—could be the result of chewing on hard candy, the grinding of teeth, or even the age itself.


It is very easy to identify what is the cause of dental fracture, but not all fractures construct the same symptoms. But when it does, these are most likely to feel


  • The most common sign is temperature sensitivity.
  •  The excruciating pain that won't go.
  • Inflammation of gum around the infected area.


Did you experience something like these above? Don't hesitate to contact your dentist to get your teeth checked.

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How We Treat Dental Fractures

Depending on the size of the fractured or how big is the fracture—the symptoms and treatment can help determined what could be the possible procedure to cure the fracture

  • Bonding is a type of procedure where tooth-colored composite resin help fills the crack and improve the smile.
  • Crown or dental cap is a dental restoration usually made from materials like stainless steel, porcelain, or ceramic.
  • Root canal is a treatment to restore or prevent an infected tooth from cavities or decay.
  • Extraction is a procedure where a dentist pulls out the tooth to its socket. This option is advised when the tooth is severely damaged.
  • No treatment sometimes works when a fracture does not cause oral pain or does not affect the appearance.

Having Dental Pain & Discomfort

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Why You Shouldn't Ignore A Fracture

Ignoring your fractured tooth won't heal itself. This might lead to a bigger complication when left untreated. The infections can spread throughout the gums and bones which can cause fever, pain when eating, lymph nodes, and worst bad breath.

Your dentist may recommend to practicing good oral hygiene to prevent dental fractures. While it is common to experience it a visit to your dental clinic and regular brushing of teeth can help you avoid having one.

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