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Our clinic can handle any kind of oral problem. We work as our passion in helping our community achieve healthy teeth. As your dentist, we are happy to help you in maintaining your teeth and mouth.

Any damage due to whatever reasons like injuries from sports, accident fall or fistfight, we can help you save your tooth. Our dental clinic is happy to assist you we extend our services across Sacramento.

We believed that every teeth deserves to maintain and take good care of. Especially as we age, teeth become weaker later in life. Due to the changes in the mouth. The nerve in our teeth becomes smaller making teeth vulnerable to cavities and damage.

And that is the reason why we continue to deliver our services to our community. Don't let cavities affect your smile, flash your smile as it crowns your personality.

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We work with over 10 dental practices. This means we can accommodate your immediate needs for emergencies, injuries and fractured teeth. Call Today for an appointment!

Medical doctors are other doctors that can help you ease your toothaches by prescribing you a pain reliever. But as they work in broader health concerns, they cannot address what are the causes of the pain you experience in your mouth.

Dentists are responsible for treating oral concerns, through examining the problem of the pain and advising what is the proper treatment for your mouth. 

You can save a lot of time and money when you immediately visit us for your dental concern. And most especially, we can address and treat the pain as soon as possible.

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What To Expect At Our Clinic & Your Emergency

Visual Examination

Visual examination is the process of examining your mouth and identifying the concern. We take the time to make sure we know what has happened and explain the situation to you.


After examination, the dentist will diagnose the causes of the problem and will identify what will be the possible treatment.


The process where the dentist will treat and cure the source of your dental problem. Whether it is subjected for a tooth extraction or root canal, it will help you relieve the pain you're experiencing.

Skilled Dentists For Dental Problems

A knocked-out, chipped, and the broken tooth is all considered a dental fracture. These happen due to many incidents like a vehicle accident, damage from sports, accidental fall, fist fighting, and most common is tooth decay. any of this incident might happen at any time of the day, which can result in a sudden dental problem.

If you experienced any of this, it is best to immediately visit your dentist to fix and repair the problem. It will prevent the worst that might happen. Our clinic also offers emergency dental services, which you can visit our clinic or you can book an appointment for your concern.

We provide a complete procedure that can be done in one sitting. Our dentist aimed to restore and save your teeth as soon as they examine the concern. Once the procedure is done, it will completely appear as natural the way it before.

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Why Be Concerned With A Toothache

Toothaches are the most common and easiest to treat a dental problem. And this is also an early sign of dental concern.

Experiencing tooth pain is exhausting, this might result in sleepless nights and loss of appetite. But as your dentist, we can help you ease the pain you're feeling.

Normally, tooth pain doesn't occur without any signs, it is always connected with signs and warnings. If you feel any discomfort in your mouth, call us at 800-677-7456 to schedule your visit and assess your teeth.

We can assess and do an examination to identify the source of the problem. And we can help you remove the discomfort you experience.

Tooth extraction is the last option if the problem is untreatable. Simple extraction and surgical dental extraction are the two classifications of extraction. 

Just give us a call, so we can assist with your dental problem. Or if you need dental care for your mouth to ensure your teeth are healthy and maintained.



Is a infection that grows to through the root tips and around the roots.


A swelling and inflammation of the gums around the wisdom tooth. This is normally occur on the lower wisdom teeth.


A dental definition of tooth displacement or a tooth that move in a wrong direction while it is attached.


Refers to the infection of facial tissues. It is a more serious condition that often occurs on the cheeks and behind or around the eyes, on the neck, and ears.


Dentist use to describe as a dental emergency, it is a knocked-out tooth.


A dental disorder where the third molar at the back of the mouth don't have enough space to erupt.


A type of infection occurs when inflammation which will not treat once the source of the problem removed. While reversible pulpitis in an inflammation occurs once the source of the problem is removed.


A cracked tooth is a break or crack in the shell of the tooth. It is normally a result of a traumatic accident or a blow in the face.

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